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If your desire is to play soccer at the collegiate level and would like more information about how the Austin Texans can help you achieve your goal, please visit either the Boys Planning page or Girls Planning page.

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Austin Texans Fall College Combine

College Combine

By Texans 11/04/2019, 9:30pm CST

The Austin Texans Soccer Club would like to cordially invite Austin Texans Players to our annual Austin Texans Fall Combine on Tuesday Dec 3rd 2019 from 7-9.30 PM.

Our HS players will be playing in a 9V9 setting while wearing numbered vest for easy identification. Each College Coach will have a numbered sheet, alphabetical sheeting, and a grad year sheet to identify the players on the field.


We will have 4 fields of 9V9 with Goal Keepers, rotating games every 20-25 minutes. Fields will be organized by graduation year.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact JD Cochran (Girls DOC) @ 832-721-6509 or Daryuosh Yazdani (Boys DOC) @ 925-529-7205