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Austin Texans Fall College Combine

College Combine

By Texans, 11/04/19, 9:30PM CST


The Austin Texans Soccer Club would like to cordially invite Austin Texans Players to our annual Austin Texans Fall Combine on Tuesday Dec 3rd 2019 from 7-9.30 PM.

Our HS players will be playing in a 9V9 setting while wearing numbered vest for easy identification. Each College Coach will have a numbered sheet, alphabetical sheeting, and a grad year sheet to identify the players on the field.


We will have 4 fields of 9V9 with Goal Keepers, rotating games every 20-25 minutes. Fields will be organized by graduation year.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact JD Cochran (Girls DOC) @ 832-721-6509 or Daryuosh Yazdani (Boys DOC) @ 925-529-7205