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Organizational Charts

The Austin Texans Soccer Club, in building a successful organization, has demonstrated the importance of communication between the Club, Parents, Players and Coaches. It is our mission to provide a supportive environment for all members of the Texans to accomplish this goal. As a tool, we would like to share the Dallas Texans "Proven Approach" for Coaches, Managers, Players and Parents.  As part of your commitment to the Club, team and coach, please take the time to read this essential information.


The Dallas Texans Soccer Club has a national reputation of excellence and as one of the most professionally managed and operated soccer clubs in the country. As a proud affiliate, it is vitally important that in order to preserve and respect our professional reputation, it is the strict policy of the Dallas Texans Soccer Club that no person challenge, protest or file any complaint (written or verbal) against any soccer officials (coaches, the league, other soccer clubs, or referees) without express permission from the Austin Texans Soccer Club Director of Coaching or Board of Directors. Any violation of this policy will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

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