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Bad Weather & Field Closure Policies

Weather Policies & Field Closures

Bad Weather

If there is bad weather in the forecast, we ask that parents do not drop their kids off for practice AND LEAVE.  Please stay at the fields in case of a possible evacuation.

The Texans will always attempt to be proactive in cancellations of practice or games due to bad weather.  If bad weather or lightning is a possibility in the forecast.  We will make field closure decisions at or before 2:00 pm for same day training sessions.   If cancellations occur, our members will be notified by email.  You can also stay up to date on field status and closures on our website on the right hand side of the home page or by signing up for text alerts at WWW.RAINEDOUT.COM  Hutto Youth Soccer or 

Lightning Policy During Practice & Games:

In the event of lightning, the Texans operate on the 15/30 rule.  This means if a lightning strike occurs within a 15 mile radius of the soccer fields, the fields are cleared for a minimum of 30 minutes.  

Lightning Procedures: 

The decision to clear the fields will be made by the highest ranking league official or Texans Coach on the fields.  This person will also make the decision of when it is safe to return to the fields. 

In the event of the soccer fields being cleared due to a lightning strike, it is vital that the players, parents, coaches and volunteers get into their cars immediately.  If the delay is prolonged a minimum of 30 minutes into the practice session, then practice will be cancelled.  For example, training begins at 6:00 PM and the last lightning strike occurred at 6:05 PM.  The earliest the players could return to training would be 6:35 PM.  In this example practice would be cancelled for the evening.  Do not allow players/parents to stand in the parking lots, under trees, pavilions, or in puddles of water. Get into your vehicles with the windows rolled up.

All recreational & Texans coaches are required to download the Weather Bug App on their smartphones.  The Texans highly recommend all members to follow suit.  The overall priority is to provide a safe environment for the kids and adults, so the more people who are tracking weather updates the safer.