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2016-17 Pre-season Training Schedule

Preseason Training will start Aug 8th.  Regular team training will start the week of Aug 15th.
Tentative Schedule for Pre-season:
Monday Aug 8th
Physical Testing @ Texans Field or a High School Field
8am 06s/05s/04s
8:30 03s/02s
9am 01/00s
9:30am 99s/98s
Physical Testing Part 2 @ Champion Performance or Texans Field
6-7pm 06/05/04
7-8pm 03/02/01
8-9pm 00/99/98
Tuesday Aug 9th
Technical Testing @ Texans Field
8am 06/05s
9am 04/03s
10am 02/01s
11am 00/99s
Noon 98s
Wednesday Aug 10th
Concussion Baseline Testing.
Each team will be given a time to attend and get a baseline test
Thursday Aug 11th off
Friday Aug 12th off
Saturday Aug 13th
Austin Texans Girls BBQ (ALL TEAMS) at Zilker Park 800 Robert E Lee Rd, Austin, TX 78704
Each team will be responsible for their BBQ and trimmings
3v3 will be set up for before eating for all the players
Swimming at Barton Springs after BBQ (fee for swimming is below)
10am Introduction and Welcome Back!
10:15 am 3v3
11am Lunch BBQ
12pm Swimming
1pm Dismiss unless you want to stay longer!
August 15th regular team training starts.

Team Training Schedule 2016-17

06 G Red

MON 5:45-7PM; 2 Texans @ Pflugerville

WED 5:45-7PM; 8 River Walk

THUR 5:45-7PM; 3 Texans @ Pflugerville

Tomas Lober

Head Coach

Blanca Aguilar

Team Manager

Phone: 512-997-8109