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U16 Boys CL with CF Internacional Monterrey 03 Boys

Great friendly with CF Monterrey on their way to Gothia Cup

ENPL Qualifiers

For the second year in a row the 04 Boys have qualified for the ENPL Playoffs.  This year they will be traveling to Rockford, IL with a chance to qualify for the National Finals 2 weeks later in Colorado.

At the Cotton Bowl for Opening Ceremonies at the Dallas Cup

Team News

Dallas Texans Fall Festival U15 Champions. And have now qualified for:

2018 Dallas Texans Fall Festival Champions

2019 ESPN Cup Qualifiers

2019 ESPN Cup Qualifiers
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Year Season Training

Training Day Time Location Warmup
Team Monday 7 PM - 8:15 PM TFP
Pool Session Wednesday 8:15 PM - 9:30 PM TFP
Team Thursday 7 PM - 8:15 PM TFP
Goalkeeper Talk with Ric Granryd


Number Name Position
0 Diego Djordjevic D, GK
1 Noah Gillinder GK, M
3 Zach Faiq M
6 Erick Molina M
8 Octavio Lopez M, F
9 Joshua Rodriguez II M
14 Connor Crain F
19 Eliyas Kerlin M, F
23 David Gaona D, M
24 Reed Smith D
25 Juan Angel Ramirez D, M
27 Aden DeJute F
30 Patrick Cotey M
32 Aidyn Ogle D
40 Jonathan Reyna D, M
44 Alan Rivera Salazar M
55 Timothy Hollenbeck M, D
97 Alex Ekpo-otu GK

Team Game Schedule

Kai Gockell

Kai Gockell

Head Coach

Rob Gillinder

Rob Gillinder

Team Manager

Phone: 843-757-5430

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