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Austin Texans 05G 2018-19

Year Season Training

Training Day Time Location Warmup
Team Monday 7:00-8:00pm TFP 6:45pm
Team Tuesday 7:00-8:15pm TFP 6:45pm
Team Wednesday 8:15-9:30pm TFP 8:00pm
Goalkeeper Tue-Wed 7:00-8:15pm TFP 6:45pm

Team Game Schedule

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Team News

Welcome to the 2019-20 Soccer Season!

The girls had another outstanding regular season, closing out with a championship finish in the Lions FC tourney and maintaining their high rankings at the state and national level.  With new additions to the roster, the team is set for another stellar season!

We remind parents to please continue our positive fan practices and maintain our great reputation of sportsmanship and respect for the team, opponents and referees.

Here's to another great year!  Texans 05G Facebook Site

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JD Cochran

JD Cochran

Head Coach

Phone: 832-721-6509

Debbie Bennett

Team Manager

Phone: 512-587-1801

Christina Avant

Asst Manager

Phone: 512-423-3905

Scott Reynolds

The Grass Whisperer


Team Recruiting Information

For full recruiting information on each of the players on the team

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