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Austin Texans Tournaments

Winter Pfrost 3v3 TBD Fall
Pre-Labor Day Aug 23-25, 2019 Spring
Girls/Boys College Showcase Feb 2-3, 2019 Fall
Warm-Up Cup Feb 9-10, 2019 Fall
Goalie Wars Mar 13, 2019 Fall

More Info on Tournament

Austin Texans Pre-Labor Day Tournament

More information on Showcases

Link for the Austin Texans Girls Showcase

Feb 2-3, 2019






Link for the Austin Texans Boys Showcase

Feb 2-3, 2019

More Info on Tournament

Link for Austin Texans Warm Up Cup Tournament

Feb 9-10, 2019

More Info Goalie Wars Event

Link for Austin Texans Goalie Wars Event

Mar 13, 2019