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Austin Texans Tournaments

Austin Texans Kick It 3v3 TBD Spring
Pre-Labor Day TBD Spring
Girls/Boys College Showcase Feb 1-2, 2020 Closed
Warm-Up Cup May 16-17, 2020 Open

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Link for the Austin Texans Girls Showcase

Feb 1-2, 2020







Link for the Austin Texans Boys Showcase

Feb 1-2, 2020

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Link for Austin Texans Warm Up Cup Tournament


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Austin Texans Pre-Labor Day Tournament

2020 College Showcase call for Volunteers

By Austin Texans 12/23/2019, 10:15am CST

Please sign up to help with our college showcase at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex.  There are a variety of roles we need filled from field marshall/general volunteer positions, assistance in the coaches lounge, volunteer/informatin station and assistance driving coaches to and from fields.  There may be situations where you are asked to help with another area than what you signed up for due to greater needs, so please check in at the volunteer check in area when you arrive.  You will sign in when you arrive, get a vest and then sign out when you leave.

**Golf cart drivers MUST be 16 years old at minimum 


Thank you for all you do and please let me know if you have any questions.  

2020 Girls Showcase

2020 Boys Showcase